The Pathless
Date:Dec 2020


Solid to even great while navigating/exploring the world. Things get a bit iffy when the combat and stealth became involved, personally. Not a fan of open world games in general so I was worried but this held up really well. A map that isn't bloated/over inflated in size in addition to a game that doesn't wear out its welcome helped a ton. I liked it.
I promised if this game was bad I'd call it The Shatless. Sadly it was actually very good. Like Journey but you could shoot things, and also with a really neat movement system that I never quite got the hand of. A++ boss fights.
I am a sucker for Journey's aesthetics which is why I loved Abzu and makes up a big portion of why I loved this game. The general movement and puzzle gameplay are also pretty good, but it loses a full star grade for the unyielding ever-expanding giant red balls of death that throw you into a C- stealth segment every time you're sucked into them.
Boss fights stole the show. But along with a wonderful world, lovely music, and fun movement, front to back a great experience. would have loved a second play through on a harder difficulty even
I did the gold challenge on each temple. I very much enjoyed the amount of verticality in the levels. The game is the right length, if it went on much longer the puzzles would have gotten a little repititive feeling.
I enjoyed The Pathless, the traversal was something new and fun. The music was brilliant and accompanied everything you were doing in the game. I liked the puzzles, although they started to get quite easy after you knew the general idea. My main problem is the giant red orb which followed you no matter where you went. I don't know if I broke my game or not, but the amount of times the orb spawned on me was annoying, making me almost quit the game. The stealth was fine, but I feel it should've been scripted instead of having this anxiety inducing orb follow you while you're trying to do a puzzle. The boss fights were good, some better than others, I'm very happy you couldn't die! Overall I really enjoyed the game (got the platinum and everything), but that orb almost killed the whole thing for me.
What a beautiful game