Outer Wilds
Date:Jan 2021


Don't normally care for games where exploration is the single driving factor for the whole experience. However, the games structure, the mechanics of the planets and the tense, almost spooky atmosphere of the whole solar system had my curiousity piqued for a solid 15-20 hours so it certainly worked. Shoutout to the OST, especially That One Song.
I think Outer Wilds is at it's best at the first half when you are just in awe discovering things, learning about the universe of the game and just exploring for the sake of exploration. The second half can have really frustating and infuriating moments and some things are a little too obtuse because you have such a small timeframe to explore. Still it's atmosphere and how it conveys the mysteries of this universe makes this more than worth to play
Quick replay; still an absolute classic and a must-play - it's just a shame that you can only have the true experience once!
Incredible sense of exploration with a great soundtrack to top it off. I wish some of the gameplay was a bit less clunky but it isn't a huge deal. In my top 3 game club games for sure.
Very unique and original, and at its best makes you feel like a genius. But too often for my liking, it makes you feel like you're wasting your time.
The gameplay setup led to some disjointment in terms of story, but besides that this was one of the more unique games I have played in a long time. Each planet was unique and the puzzles and time constraints were always fair. The game also brought in some horror elements which I wasn't expecting coming in. The ending sequence was 10/10 and it is an easy reccomendation to anyone.
Interesting storytelling mechanics and an impressive technical feat, but was left feeling underwhelmed at the finale.
Outer Wilds was an intriguing game. It had a great premise, and some interesting exploration ideas. But, in my opinion, the game hurt itself with its own mechanics. I liked the idea of flying around to gather information about what was happening to the world, but being put on such a strict time limit, and also having very small windows to complete tasks in made the game frustrating. Great ideas muddled by bad implementation made the game quite unenjoyable in the end.
Very enjoyable/unique game. Worth experience for that alone. There are some mild frustrations with some of the puzzles, if you get stuck it's worth talking to someone who's beat the game to help clear any misconceptions you might have.
This is a beautiful game in art, music, and story. It can also be a very frustrating one, and it insists that players take it on its own terms. Physics are consistent and so are all the movements of the solar system. That can be pretty unforgiving, but it also can lead to some great emergent moments for the player's story. Outer Wilds is a very open space adventure game, with a mystery that wraps around the player. It's full of surprises and moments of revelation, which makes it a rare gem.