Axiom Verge
Date:Mar 2021


Pretty good one and solid gameplay for the most part. The bigger selection of weapons seems like a misstep, many of them are just useless. The verticality of the game a good chunk of the time can be annoying too and the teleport system seems like a misstep also. Still the pace is good and the good presentation really makes it feel memorable. 7
Incredible music and inspired visual design. Not so sure about the rest as I sometimes struggled with the gameplay on a moment to moment basis. I think I'm gonna need metroidvania or adjacent games to have more QOL features for them to fully click for me. It was a good start and I'll keep an eye on the sequel.
Thomas Happ over there must love Super Metroid, because he decided to make his own Super Metroid with the exact same problems that game has over 20 years later.
This was a perfectly fine metroidvania game. Some really good music and good level design, but I felt like most of it was trying to imitate something else instead of being its own thing. Still, I had fun. There's also, like, no reason to have that many weapons in a metrodivania.
Way to many weapons. Otherwise solid.
Second playthrough, went through on arcade stick this time around which made it feel fresh. Overall it doesn't excel at anyone particular thing (besides a banging soundtrack) but is very polished and plays great from start to finish
I'm usually terrible at these kind of games, so being able to finish this was a feat in and of itself. I actually enjoyed the exploration of the game and uncovering things hidden in the world. The combat could be a mix of fun, easy or frustrating, depending on the the enemy. The game falls when it offers too many weapons, most of which were useless, and also it's story, which felt like an after though. It was a good game, but the abundance of useless items and the lacklustre story left the experience feeling a bit meh.
I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I expected, or wanted, to.
Gets an extra star for it being a small (one?) dev team. Didn't like the weapons I found, level design was some what interesting, mechanics were alright. Thought the music had some really great parts
I beat the game on hard at 17 hours, 79 deaths, 97% map and 88% items. The ascetic was on point, both visuals and sound. Level design was good, and there was several neat mechanics. The story was interesting and strange in a good way. However the actual gameplay itself left much to be desired. The game could have used a warp mechanic to go between save spots, it would have also benefited greatly from all the weapons having a hold to shoot option. Lastly a bit more direction in where to go next for the story or a bit more detail on what areas have items you haven't gotten yet would have been huge quality of life improvements. After about 70% item completion I used an online wiki to help find some of the missing guns/powerups. I also used steam controller configuration to make the shoot button have turbo to save my poor thumb.