Tanuki Justice
Date:Sep 2022


I like a lot of things about this one. I think that it is, on the whole, a really well-balanced arcade game whose parts work well together. Level designs force precision in jumping and firing. It plays very differently depending on if your throwing stars are powered up or not, and the shield is so effective because losing a life is so costly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations (no autofire, for one) that make less sense. This is a game that would have been at home on the Genesis, warts and all.
Not too much to say about this one. Very short but fun and challenging platformer. If rating out of 10 I would give this a solid 7.
Yo I don't know what I did to the developer of this game, but whoever you are, I'm sorry man. I don't think I deserve to be treated like this.
Fun little challenge. Has its annoying parts, but nothing too bad.
Single player was a 2/5. Started out fine but almost completely ruined it with the last couple of levels. Co-op was basically broken and lowers the score to a 1.
Solid game with some real bullshit moments and some unbalanced difficulty ramp. Level 5 was the most difficult. Looks amazing, and controls good enough.