Ori and the Blind Forest
Date:Mar 2020


The stunning art and some great music tracks makes this game a joy to wander around in. Add to that some of the best abilities in a metroid-ish platformer and you have a really great package. Exploring the map to find all the secrets feels so good! Sadly it has some cheap gotcha moments and two areas I definitely don't enjoy the mechanics of which keeps it from being a top-notch experience.
Not good but not bad either. Definitely something I won't revisit for a long, long time. Basically I'm middle of the road on this game. Any good will that's built up is canceled out but the ridiculous amount of trial and error you have to deal with. 3/5
Fun platformer with intersting art style and music. Levels felt they had distinction. Controls were lacking at times; moves I wanted didn't happen and ones I wasn't trying to do did. Hope they get tightened up for #2
Fantastic aesthetics and soundtrack. Gameplay left a bit to be desired. Things become more playable as you get more skills/abilities but the floatiness remains. I'll be checking for the sequel regardless.
Beautiful game! Good Story! Felt really saddend many times. Amazing feeling of exploration and good design on the powerups. 10/10 right there, if it werent for the flaws in the game. Ex. when you finish a "Dungeon" you get rushed out in some escape scene. I hated that. Let me stay and finish exploring. Also, the power Stomp led to many accendental deaths. But all in all a game i DO recommend.
Exceptionally beautiful, both visually and aurally, alongside a touching storyline. Gameplay starts off a little basic and can be frustratingly challenging at times, but as Ori learns new abilities, the traversal possibilities open up massively and become very satisfying - especially with the fantastic 'bash' - as well as being well-rewarded with a plethora of secrets to discover.
It's a shame that a game with such fantastic art and music is totally let down by absolutely awful gameplay full of random difficulty spikes, terrible checkpoint system, and crummy combat. Hoping the sequel is better.
Other than some minor struggles with controls in the beginning I really like this game a lot, it's beautiful, has great music, the story is good enough to give some feels now and then and I think it's just the right lenght to not outstay its welcome.
I'm not really a big platformer guy so I kept with this for the music and nice art style. It was pretty enjoyable and the escape sequences were a lot of fun, but marred in frustration by the lack of any checkpoints (and sometimes kinda weird lack of direction). Overall fun game.
I didn't think the game was particularly difficult but there were some frustrating moments. I don't really enjoy platformers but the game has been on my list due to reputation for awhile so I'm glad it was the Game Club game to encourage me to pick it up and play. Not my style of game but loved the visuals and felt the gameplay was fair if not slightly frustrating.