Date:Dec 2022


Very good looking retrostyle. Interesting characters, a gripping story and some nice puzzles. Combat was minimal and easy to understand.
In terms of near-future storytelling, I'd put this one closer to Coffee Talk, Va11-Ha11-A, and The Red Strings Club than Kentucky Route Zero. I can see the effort that was put in, but ultimately I don't quite find the characters or their relationships as compelling as the setting. That's an issue, as the story is powered by those characters more than the plot. I do appreciate NORCO's combination of branching text, point-and-click adventure and RPG style, though, as well as the art and BGM.
This wasn't a game for me, the premise of the poor area and the big corporations and energy companies causing the changes they did interested me, but this theme didn't last long. The game made itself convoluted from act 2 (where I was still kind of interested in where they were going, maybe some symbolism or something), but Act 3 confirmed that the game has gone off the rails and just didn't seem to know what itself wanted to do. I clicked on everything I could, talked to everyone and in the end it just didn't come together like I think the devs wanted. I was also not a huge fan of the art style, although I didn't mind the area art the people designs threw me. Overall it's a game that I think made no sense no matter how much it tried and I wouldn't recommend it.
Vibes vibes vibes vibes vibes. Endless vibes. Vibes forever. To vibe or not to vibe. A few glitches held this back, but otherwise. viiiiiiiiiiiiibes.