Kentucky Route Zero
Date:Sep 2020


A number of really beautiful moments in this. Small stories, little exchanges, it all felt very human and connected. The music had some really impactful moments as well.
A well-written but very slow narrative experience, I've heard many good things about Kentucky Route Zero and I'm glad to have played it, but ultimately I didn't get as much from the game as I was hoping for. Starting off strongly, there's a heavy dose of mystery and melancholy infused throughout the game. Despite the substance of the interactivity here being in dialogue choices, it's easy to become invested in the journey of the characters in the early acts - but after peaking around act three, the game ends without a properly satisfying sense of closure to the story.
For all intents and purposes, this is a narrative and emotional peak across gaming as a whole for me. Acts I and II didn't prepare me for what I was in for with the rest of the game.
A very pretty game with great staging and top notch presentation. Story never really gripped me and the cool gameplay stuff the game does never lasts long enough.
A really wellmade, gripping and interesting story. But almost no gameplay. Could have been a bit more gameplay in my opinion. Sometimes it felt too much like reading a book, instead of playing a game.