Date:Oct 2020


The whole package. What a way to have all elements play together and tie into a wonderful package that affected me more than it had any right doing so. Well done SGG
This game is illegally good. This is illegal. Stop being this good holy shit. Combines the best of roguelite with some fantastic story telling and a stoundtrack I can wistle along to. Evil good. I am obsessed. You have killed me why did you do this.
Satisfying gameplay loop, fantastic characters, lots of dialogue. Loved this even though I dislike roguelikes. Will be returning to this to see more content for some time to come, for sure.
Wonderful game about communication and the urge to run away. Supergiant has synthesized the individually fantastic elements of each of their previous games in order to deliver an excellent resume title that shows their growth in the space.
Rogue-lites aren't usually a genre that I enjoy, so it says a lot that I had a great time with Hades. Tight and immensely satisfying combat gameplay, an engrossing character-based narrative and a fantastic score combine to make one of the highlights of the year.
Definitely a GOTY contender, what a fantastic game. Just an absurd number of contextual voice lines! Fantastic gameplay, beautiful graphics, a touching story, and a killer soundtrack. It really has it all.