Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Date:Jan 2023


fetched all the quests and all i got was those lousy stamps. this was the definition of a 3/5.
Crown Jewel
A lot better than a kickstarter bonus game has any right to be. Fairly simplistic Metroidvania that nails the tonality, aesthetics and sensibilities of classic PS1 JRPGs (specifically Suikoden). Easy to control and pleasantly enjoyable comfort food gameplay throughout
If I asked an AI to generate me an action RPG this is what it'd make. Would kiss all of the animal people. Garoo got me down bad. Why am I like this? Please help.
It has the gameplay (although a bit repetative) and it has the visuals to cover for that. Fun, smooth and good looking!
Entertaining combat, but draining quests.
It was a fun little game, with good combat, even if it was a bit easy. The side quests were quite repetitive, especially when you have the same sort of quests in the main game as well.