Cruelty Squad
Date:Jul 2022


A game that says "fuck you" to any semblance of decency. On top of that, it also manages to be better than most games. A truly paradoxical experience.
All around, this game was pretty fun. I didn't want to stop until I beat certain missions. I love the aesthetic. The soundtrack was equal parts amazing and annoying. If I had to describe this game to anyone, I would just say the word "sus." This would probably be around a 7 for me if I rated out of 10.
I guess I don't get it. The excessively quirky style and attitude wore thin impressively quickly and all I was left with was a barebones basic shooter with clunky gameplay that was only held back even further by its edginess
A holistically designed game where jarring gameplay, satircal writing, and surreal aesthetics form an absurd reflection of the world. I particularly enjoyed the complex level designs with many routes and secrets to find. The writing is just hilarious and on-point. One of the best grappling hooks. You can fish