BioShock Infinite
Date:June 2022


A game full of missed opportunities. Columbia is a setting with some potential, but the narrative blows it. Finkton, in particular as a sequence, might be the low of the entire Bioshock series. There are some fun parts after it, though, including some exploration in the crumbling city in the sky, a little horror, and some enjoyably powerful aerial combat. Too bad the ending then bookends the whole thing with more than a touch of egotistical writing. Maybe Burial at Sea will redeem some of that.
There are flickers of really good parts in this game; but overall they didn't commit to the narrative and the game overall feels rushed and a little forced
TBH doing the bang bang pew pew kaboom was a lot of funa nd I was super happy to replay the game for this alone. Story is def wack tho, and man those moments at the end were oof sometimes.
The game is great and the narrative is interesting, but the writers were not good at fleshing out the interesting points of the story. It had the potential to be an all time great!
For what it's worth, my actual score for this game is 2.5/5. They should have just gone with a shorter, simpler story rather than try to stitch all of their moronic ideas together in the second half. At first I was in awe of the environment and the spectacle of it all, but the gameplay wore thin and the story is just baffling.
The story is not enjoyable on a second playthrough. Everything else is tho, the visuals, the weapons, the powers, the enemies. I kinda wish i had not played it again
Great gameplay with some extremely fun vigor combos and weapons, but the game is ultimately brought down a bunch by its terrible story and disjointed nature. When it's fun it's extremely fun tho, which is ultimately what I remember from it.