Binary Domain
Date:Jun 2020


Fun third person shooter. The shooting is tight, the cutscenes are well directed and very reminiscent of the Yakuza games and the grandiose giant robot boss battles are the definite highlights. Problems with the game stem from the narrative, which aims for big emotional beats that never feel earned, and a big hook for the game is earning trust among your comrades which affects certain story scenes but most of their availability is so shitty it'd make a C-tier Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn character blush. Add a weird difficulty curve where the middle chapters are more difficult than the beginning and the end, and a lot of tired stufff like forced walking segments and turret segments and you have a fairly flawed, pretty good game.
Fun game with interesting story and characters. The level design and gunplay was nothing greath, some of the details though such as the pieces flying off enemies and being able to shoot body parts off definetly added to the experience to help overlook some of its shortcomings.
Sweet FP with good story. Amazing roster of people. Really rewarding combat, with good enemies and nice details. Cool bosses. Small issues with control and mouse. And the AI being AI as usual, running into gunfire.
A peak among third person shooters. This gave me the camaraderie among squadmates that I wanted in Gears of War with a more pleasing framing. Some of the combat encounters are a bit messy but never enough so to detract from the rest. Will absolutely be replaying this to play with different partner combos and to sweep up collectibles. If only it had campaign co-op </3.
Fantastically over the top FPS with a great cast of characters. Bullet sponge bosses but they weight that up with cool designs. Fun normal robot enemies with parts flying everywhere when you shoot them. So satisfying! I can forgive my teammates for running into my gunfire since they are so easily amazed by my combat 'skills' otherwise.
A surprisingly good time! Solid core gameplay, interesting level design and impressive set-pieces, especially boss fights, albeit quite bullet-spongey enemies. Your squad makes a meaningful contribution to combat, though tactical commands didn't make much difference; the 'trust' system stands out for its impact on key plot elements, heightening investment in the suitably exaggerated storyline.
A bland and derivative Third Person Shooter with some very terrible encounter and boss design punctuated by a largely nonsensical and poorly told story. While you can do much worse, it's hard to think of a more forgettable experience. Tactical voice commands and their underlying systems are poorly implemented, and lead to an ultimately half-baked game where the one system that makes it notable hardly functions.