999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Date:Oct 2021


This is a game built on mystery and suspense, with some hidden-object and math problems thrown in for good measure. The quality of puzzles matters a little less than its plot and characters. This is the rare VN that actually earns its multiple paths and endings. The way that it brings the whole game together into its true ending is very clever. While some elements of it were a bit predictable, there was plenty in the end that I didn't expect.
Makes for a great series with Virtue's Last Reward (too bad we never had a third entry 💔) with this one ever so slightly edging out the other as my favorite. The focus on more horror elements here meshes well with me and the soundtrack is fantastic.
twist after twist, it was definetely a fantastic visual novel. backtracking to older parts of the story and then connecting dots to reveal new mysteries and twists were fun and they were done so in unexpected ways. at least i did not really expect some stuff after they were throughly explained. in that aspect, it achieves its goal perfectly
Interesting game with fun point and click adventure mechanics
I love funyarinpa
When Morphogenetic Sorrow starts playing, I cry. Still an incredible experience. Virtue's Last Reward is still king, but it absolutely would not have been as good as it was had it not been for this game. I forgot how much they absolutely nailed the first time around.