Date:May 2020


Gameplay starts off a little slow due to the stamina-based combat, but after the initial areas the pace (and challenge) ramps up notably. A few enemies can become frustrating, especially those which can fly, but for the most part the battles work well, with satisfying results. The unusual story has a real sense of fun throughout, and special mention has to go to a very unexpected ending sequence!
Great boss fights and an actually pretty good third act twist help this game out a lot, even when it sometimes suffers from bad platforming segments or iffy repetition. Has a lot of personality, which goes a long way. Could prolly do with being like 3 hours shorter.
Game is great in visuals, audio, story, gameplay and explorations. The only thing i didnt like is the combat, and more specifically the speed of combat. The skills are fine, its the waiting on the stamina that gets to me. Can you stand some slow combat in a 'metroidvania', this will be for you!
A few of the music tracks were good, one even fantastic. That's about the majority of what I enjoyed in the game. Combat felt clunky, and I had a boss fight that I had to quit twice due to it not being beatable due to a bug. Ending was interesting, but a few times throughout the game I wanted to quit due to poor responsiveness in controls.
A wonderful soundtrack and nice character/creature designs. Everything involving the gameplay itself (sluggish combat, labyrinthian level design, general glitchiness/jank) was a chore. The maze in World 3 and the general length of World 5 were a nightmare.
Some of the boss fights were fun and portions of platforming were enjoyable to work through, but the pacing was absolute torture at times with a lot of convoluted level and puzzle design that seemed to be drawn out if only to artificially lengthen the game. The final moment twist was cool but I was already long checked out, so when the game sought for an emotional response one couldn't be found
This game is a mess, filled with poor design decisions that just get in the game's own way at every turn. Creatively bankrupt, a pastiche, with very little to call its own.
This game takes a great concept, great locations, great music and hype and burns it down it to an uneven mess that goes from being super good to super bad faster than any game I've ever played. There's no in between. The good sections are really fun, but subsequently followed failures in game play design.