Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Date:Jul 2020


(Tomb Raider: Anniversary) Outside of some well designed puzzles and its decent looks, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is an obnoxious affair. Combat in this game is mainly flupping around like a jackass while random animals run at you, and you can expect to do this for the game's entire runtime. Platforming is a slow, tedious process where a terrible camera and weird movement will cause you to fall and (if you're lucky) die over and over again. Pretty sure some hazards are tied to framerate as they flat out give you very little time to properly evade them. I'm sort of happy to have played it and from this remake I can understand why the original is highly regarded as a classic, but I also found it a chore to play and I doubt I will return to this franchise any time soon.
My 5 is for the original game. That is all. :)
I was a big fan of the original Tomb Raider and played through it a lot when it released 24 years ago, but I kind of dropped off the series after the third installment. It was great fun to play this remake of the original and I think it's really well made, albeit a bit buggy at times. Personally I think the remake is a better game than the original.
Was a lot better than I had expected. There were moments where I was really enjoying the game, and even gave me an opportunity to stir the pot with a Lara vs Drake debate. But ultimately old design choices and game breaking bugs sucked the enjoyment out of this one for me.