Titanfall 2
Date:May 2022


Great characters, fantastic audio, superb pacing. Would have loved a few more platforming sections and a little less shooty bang bang. Great game but it's sort of a "one and done" kind of deal for me.
The shooting parts are amazing, the platforming parts are super boring. Overall, with the visuals, story, conversations and and characters its a really good game. I just wished they cut some of the platforming parts out.
Amazing Shooting and Mech sections are great fun albeit if a little annoying when fighting multiple of them on your own. Boss fights do feel very generic and can be a bit annoying also. Overall Great game and a good sequel with a solid story unlike it's original that had nothing of the sort.
some parts are repetetive but pacing is quite fascinating overall. a fun and brief campaign. smooth gunplay, smooth optimization, technically its a wonderful title