The Sexy Brutale
Date:Feb 2020


Real potential in the core gameloop ultimately held back by repetitive level design and puzzles limited in scope. Would love to see them iterate a little more with a sequel
A great little puzzle adventure game. Absolutely loved the map layout/exploration, characters, and story in this one. Would love to see a game like this attempted again with a new setting and set of characters. The hidden ending was fantastic.
Definitely a different take on the puzzle game and I really liked alot of the unique aspects of the characters and game.
Starts slow, and initially I felt like I knew what to expect: a series of increasingly complex and potentially tedious time manipulation puzzles. But thankfully, The Sexy Brutale doesn't quite do this. Less a brain-teaser and more an examination of the occupants of the mansion you're seemingly trapped in, the game is going for something slightly different, and it's a welcome shift.
I love the art style, music and characters. I was always rushing around trying to hear every line of dialogue because I found everything so endearing and the story did not disappoint either. Gameplay was really fun but I would have liked some trickier situations to solve. One thing I thought was missing was a fast-forward mechanic because there were moments I had to just stand around and wait.
This game manages to create a really good atmosphere thanks to the art style, music and sound effects, which in turn helps make the story more enjoyable. I also thought it was interesting that certain sounds and events throughout the game, that first just seemed to be ambient, begin to make sense as you explore the mansion. Highly recommend this one.
Loved art and music; puzzles were ok, felt they could be fleshed out more. Would like to see another iteration with the mechanics taken a step further