The Banner Saga
Date:Aug 2020


A good game that I just couldn't get into. The game is very pretty, but the combat and story never gripped me so I ended up skimming through most of the dialogue and toning down the difficulty. Definitely a good foundation to build on, but I don't know if I'll ever come back to this franchise to find out.
Did not care for the combat much and set it to easy so I wouldn't think about it, but deeply loved the story and setting. It made me sad. I am so bad at choices and the amount of times I felt like a bad was very high.
Not really my thing in terms of the fantasy framing. The aesthetics and music were fantastic at least. Also some of the decision making/resource management seems like it could be interesting in regards to the trilogy at large but I'm not sure if I'd carry on with the other two.
It's more like reading a choose your own adventure book than a 'game' and I get that. All that aside this just grips me and engages me in a way other media just doesn't. Something between a book and a game, throw in beautiful audio, stunning art direction, and a world that really grabs me, I think this game is just fantastic.
Fell in love with the story, the visuals and the general feel of the game. It gripped me more than i thought it would. Combat was not as fun, but i have never liked that kind of combat. Overall a game id like and recommend.
Intereting world and good story telling, choices mattered but weren't always well implemented and battles became a little repetitive.