Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Date:Apr 2021


This game was a lot of fun, even though it kicked my ass throughout the entire thing. The over-reliance on quick-saving is part of these games, but I really think it just forces you into a trial and error mindset, without actually feeling a deep stealth game. I still enjoyed it a lot, especially the voice acting, and the overall plot was well written. Don't want to play something like this for a long while though.
Incredible tactics game. Only negative is camera could get akward at times. Besides that, the game kept you on your toes from start to finish with heart pumping stealth action
A very good stealth tactics game. Its puzzles are fairly scripted but open to multiple solutions. The whole game is admirably flexible, and the toyboxes of its five protagonists are fun to play with. I had some issues with the repetition of NPC voice lines, the camera, and one memorable problem finding an essential environmental prompt, but these are minor nitpicks. Altogether, the story was surprisingly decent and well told, and the game is just fun to play. Plus, it features a tanuki!
Pretty solid across the board. The mission variety when it comes to both objective type and setting was wonderful. Some of the precision controls that involved using multiple characters at once (even with shadow mode) during tight moments were a bit nightmarish. Was surprised by how much better this controlled for me with a gamepad compared to m+kb seeing the genre.
This is probably one of the best stealth games ever made, at least mechanically. I do think it's a little too difficult at times, but it only felt unfair once or twice so I can't judge it too harshly. I didn't care for the story or characters, but I will admit that I was just not in the mood for that type of story while playing the game, so it could have a lot to do with that. Other than that, I think the game's almost perfect, and I don't say that lightly. I also played it on console and while the controls felt fine, the game was very much meant to be played with KB/M. Not everything translated well, I feel.
Stealth RTS game. Well designed for controller play. You effectively must stealth your way though all the levels, but the mechanices of doing so is RTS with a few characters you control, togglign back and forth. The story was only OK, but the mecahics are very solid and the quick save/reload is well done.
Really good game; interesting to see innovation in this space (queue up actions). It allowed for a level of compexity that normally you don't get. Liked the banter between characters but story was little stale.