Return of the Obra Dinn
Date:Feb 2021


Fantastic puzzle game. The atmosphere is solid, the revels are well done, and I enjoyed how the detective work played. In particular I liked how the story is told, being an insurance investigator looking into an incident is a neat way to tell a story.
A game i could just sit back, relax and flow with in. The story had some interesting stuff in it too, all the way too the end.
Talking about Return of the Obra Dinn without spoiling anything can be quite difficult, so to avoid spoiling this incredibly unique, wonderful experience, I won’t be delving into details. Obra Dinn is an investigation game through-and-through. This is actually the main reason I’ve been putting it off for so long, since I honestly feel like I’m, uh, maybe a little “dumb” for these types of games (not an investigation game, but I basically cheated my way through The Witness. Eat your heart out, Jonathan Blow). Without going into details, one of the many things Obra Dinn does expertly is its way of handling all of that. The game makes sure you never feel lost, and if you do, it’s probably intentional. It rides a very thin line between it spelling the solution out for you and it frustrating you throughout its entire run. The same goes for the rest of the game. Everything is fine-tuned to a T. The main gameplay loop, the story, the (fantastic) score, et cetera. All of it feels so…handcrafted. Lucas Pope had a vision, and he fully committed to it. The game, obviously, isn’t perfect. The ending is a bit disappointing, and the story, while still interesting, isn’t as interesting as it may seem and tries to do way too many things at once. I also wish there was less guesswork involved, but that might be more of an issue with me missing a few things than an issue with the game itself. Still, it’s a wholly unique and incredible experience, and absolutely nothing short of an absolute feat.
Fantastic flow in terms of the unraveling of the mystery, world, and story. The gameplay systems are simplistic at a glance but they're perfect for everything the game tries to do. Loved the monitor/graphics settings too.
I absolutely am bad at puzzles but this game was fun enough for someone who wanted nothing to do with puzzles to play it 4.5/5
Cool concept and really nice visuals. OST is really good too but the games just loses a lost of steam in the second half. The biggest problem is just not having a way to get in the death scenes instantly. The need to go to the scene every time gets boring so fast. Still a really nice structured game and quite unique too. 7
I'm going to need to try this again at some point. Think a hint (that doesn't give you the answer) option would be great to add; sometimes needing a nudge is helpful
I liked Obra Dinn more than I thought I would! I was initially put off by the graphics (which continued to hurt my eyes throughout the game), but the premise of living the memories of those that had died to uncover the truth worked really well! There was definitely some issues with things being obtuse, and in the end the story just wasn't amazing. I also would've liked a mix of memories and maybe finding notes or something scattered around the ship to break up the exploration a bit more. Overall an interesting game that I really liked, but was missing something in terms of story.