Date:Aug 2021


Second playthrough for Game Club! Shockingly, I feel the exact same way I felt about it 18 days ago. Crazy! I 100%ed it this time around though, and one thing I hope they fix in the sequel is some the placement of the collectibles, because GOOD LORD.
Characters, dialogue, aesthetics, and atmosphere are all time faves material. Too bad the game is so miserable to play in a handful of spots. There's room for the sequel to be something truly special if it keeps the same level of character/heart with better gameplay.
Psychonauts stands out for the incredible creativity and sense of humour on show throughout, but the game does show its age a bit, not being as slick as more modern entries in the genre - and for a 100% run frustration can result from the semi-transparent appearance of 'figments', often difficult to spot. Overall, though, I've had a good time here and very much look forward to the imminent sequel!
I really like the idea of the game and the levels are really interesting. Playing the game is another story though and I don't feel like the gameplay has aged well at all.
The game has a good pacing overall. Its never too hard or never too easy, at least in my case it was this way. Abilities were kinda balanced, and fun to use. Game never got stale thanks to that. Bosses towards the ending were lacking a bit, I think. But it didn't take much from the general experience. A solid platformer game.
Delightful voice acting, writing, and art direction. Absolutely hated every minute I had to play it.
A really janky platformer almost completely carried by its characters and art direction. Some extremely neat ideas that felt really compromised due to the platforming being pretty unfun, but I think I enjoyed my time with it overall.
There's a fantastic game in here, particularly in the writing, voice acting, and the middle of the game. It's bookended by a relatively slow start and an awful final level. Enough about the bad, though - most of the game terrifically executes on the possibilities of placing levels inside of people's minds. So much of the game is an absolute blast as the player guides Raz through wonderfully distinctive and realized puzzle boxes and scenarios.
Most collectibles. Overall the games themes, design, and dialogue are excellent. Mechanics are mostly good, aged kinda "meh" in some places, but more than worthwhile to get through. Look forward to how the second one goes, with more than 15 years between the two.