Parasite Eve
Date:Jan 2022


very fun game despite its age! art style, monsters and co. are all cool and still live up to their age. plot is authentic which made me interested. i was a bit disappointed with ending but i heard there's another alternatee ending for new game plus so that's interesting. i plan to return to this later
There's a lot to enjoy with this one, including its detailed pre-rendered environments, soundtrack, combat, and even its cheeseball writing. It manages to earn its ludicrous cutscenes, with a good blend of in-game action and over-the-top moments. It could be a bit more clear on signaling when crucial parts of the environment are interactable, and it shows its age in a few other ways. While it's not exactly an all-time great, it still holds up as an original blend of mechanics and genres.
Absolutely wonderful music and aesthetics. The pre-rendered backgrounds and FMVs hit the spot completely. The gameplay (when it came to both combat and the general exploration or movement) left a bit to be desired but it wasn't a complete mess or anything.
Had I not played this on an emulator I would have said it was unplayable and dropped it so fast. The 10x speed option was crucial. The game has many good ideas and intriguing points but also so many issues!