No Man's Sky
Date:Q3 2020


A much better game than it was at launch, No Man's Sky posits that games are but worlds to be explored, and players just travellers seeking the joy of that exploration.
Had a much better time with this than I otherwise expected to. It's a bit grindy down to the core of the gameplay and I'm not necessarily a fan of that element but I loved the sense of discovery and exploration here. I finished the ~story quest line but will absolutely be returning to this still.
Very fun game, way different from what I remember at launch, There were some genuinely awesome mechanics that I wasn't expecting like learning a language to speak to the NPCs. Really enjoyed the survivalability aspect but the endgame felt a bit like I was being rushed and felt like a kind of different game from the beginning.
A lot of cool shit in this game, but it felt that there was a lack of direction around it. Bugs ultimately made me not want to keep going
Played NMS at launch and it's amazing how much has been added for free since then. The game still gets repetitive when you start seeing the same type of planet over and over again, but the Origins update should remedy this somewhat. The scale of everything is still incredible, like how it could take hours to run on the ground a distance that takes seconds to fly. All in all a unique game experience that I'll probably continue to play for many, many hours.