Metro 2033 Redux
Date:Apr 2020


A solid enough FPS, though not up to the best modern genre entries. The game's setting - a post-nuclear apocalypse underground Russian Metro - is used to good effect, with a fantastic, dark atmosphere, and on the whole the game's level design is decent. The experience is wrapped up by a well-written story and some great characters, with supernatural themes adding an intriguing element of mystery.
Been wating to play this for a long time. But im dissapointed. Guess my expectations was too high. Starts of really badly. Movement is slow/sluggish, weapons are close to useless. Enemies charge you in less then a second. Also way to much story forced at you in the beginning. After a bit the game gets better. But then you realise its almost over. The better later parts saves it to a 3/5.
Incredible atmosphere and world building. Some of the gameplay (that turret level was wack) is rancid but I'm willing to look past it here. I wish I liked either of the sequels as much as I love this one.
Really loved the setting and diversity of areas, the introduction to the life in that timeline and how it affects the chararcter. There were a few annoying stages and mechanics but overall it was a great experience that has me ready to get into the sequel.
A game that shows its age, yet still has a lot of interesting world building and world mechanics. I'd love to see this thought taken and expanded in a more fleshed out situation. Working wiht a team to build our own metro would be fun
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