Date:Apr 2022


I played both the original and the remake. I give the original 4/5, and the remake a 3/5. The world design of the original is great and the remake is very faithful to that, but the changes the remake made to the gameplay and story weren't my thing.
The story is strong, and the characters are stronger. Felt something for most of them, wich is rare. The ending really felt. Abunch. One of the saving graces for this is the settings, where you can tone down the Cops a bit.
Played the remake. A few too many car chases/forced stealth segments, but I honestly really enjoyed this game a lot. God is it fuckin' lovely.
Masterpiece. Played both the original and definitive edition in parallel, and they did a stunning job with the remake!
I thought having the cars control terribly but letting the player chalk it up as physics from cars from the period was genius!
Enjoyed the story a lot. Game went at a fast pace and you were never to far from your next action. Would of loved more of the world and characters fleshed out further
I made the "mistake" of playing Mafia: DE on Classic difficulty, which is pretty bad and kinda takes away from all the great work they've put into the remake. I still see the massive improvements and I think my score might go up if I replay on normal and like the free ride mode.