Jet Set Radio
Date:Nov 2020


I enjoyed the concept of Jet Set Radio, it was and still is a unique game. The spray-painting mini game was good and got you in a rhythm, too bad it was the exact same combination every time, I would've liked some different types of ones thrown in there! I quite liked the level design, and that you could travel between areas was interesting, especially when it came to the racing challenges! The “boss” battles were fun as well, chasing after a group to tag them, however it did require a bit of luck. My main problems with the game revolved around its clunky controllers, floaty jumping and insistent enemies. I understood the aspect of running away from the police/other enemies, but when every corner led to another group ready to pile on you, or even getting blown up by the hidden bombs or helicopters, it just got frustrating. I could get over the problems in the controllers and gameplay, but the enemies just made the problems stand out more making me want to stop playing the game on more then one occasion. It also didn’t help that when trying to run away you get hit by cars on the road, and could possibly drive you out of the area without warning if you don’t get off them in time (which loses your progress in the level and happened to me on more than one occasion). Overall, I understand why this game is liked, but there’s definitely some flaws there that I couldn’t get over, but also good concepts that showed it’s potential! Therefore, if I recommended it to anyone it would come with a clear warning about how frustrating it can be.
Taking into account its release in 2020, JSR is pretty great even today. Levels are varied and the soundtrack is stellar. The controls is the biggest challenge in the game.
An all timer in terms of aesthetics and soundtrack. They were both truly incredible. It's just too bad that almost everything involved with actually you know... Playing the game is a chore. This could've been a solid, if not a bit clunky rollerblading game with graffiti thrown in if they didn't throw races, a form of combat, and more on top of the already shaky framework.
Excellent design ideas for it's time, held back by how clunky the engine is compared to modern games