Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Date:Jan 2020


Really enjoyed; found a lot of beauty in a game that is mostly a sad tale, yet had a good arc. Loved the lore; made me want to learn more about the stories. Combat felt not bad, but def not good
A great experience. Not necessarily one that I 'enjoyed' due to the emotional heaviness but still. There were some moments where the puzzles didn't work like they were intended and I had to reload but otherwise it was smooth sailing. The sound design is incredible.
Senua’s journey is not for the faint of heart, but I promise you that you’ll be glad you took it. It reminds me that I would do whatever it takes for the people I love, even my own life. Hopefully you’ll understand why it’s my #2 game of the year after Horizon Zero Dawn.", short: "Senua’s journey is not for the faint of heart, but I promise you that you’ll be glad you took it. It reminds me that I would do whatever it takes for
Stunning visuals and audio design are carried by an impressive performance by Senua's actress for a unique journey through Norse mythology overcoming mental health hurdles in a story steeped in emotional torment. Some plodding pacing and wonky combat aside, Hellblade is well worth the experience.
Amazing game. Puzzles kept it from being a masterpiece in my eyes. Really loved the environments, story, finding lorestones, voice acting and the music
Very glad that I played this game. Gripping atmosphere and a unique premise makes Hellblade stand out.
A superb achievement for Ninja Theory, with a refreshingly unusual approach to plot exposition. Sound direction is particularly outstanding, while in terms of 'gameplay', some of the puzzle-solving is very interesting, making good use of illusion mechanics justified by Senua's psychosis. Combat mechanics, while not a primary focus of the game, are serviceable enough
Top notch visual direction. Combat is fun enough when you're not getting hit from behind due to enemies spawning behind you through the ether. Puzzles are rudimentary and the balance between puzzles and combat gets fucked after the you finish the first two starting areas. Overall a fun time.
So many fantastic things like the acting, everything regarding the audio and a compelling story about unusual character. A heavy theme tackled in a fascinating way that never felt condescending. But sadly nothing about the actual gameplay felt good to me so it wasn't a good experience at all.
Really enjoyed the story and pacing and how it played with the theme of mental darkness. The story about the Northmen and their legends was great filler as you progressed through the world. Enjoyed most of the levels and trials and found myself really enjoying how it ended.
I think I liked the gameplay more than most, though the puzzles never felt like more than vaguely tedious roadblocks. Story and characters were excellent.