Grand Theft Auto V
Date:Jan 2021


Despite being 6 years old at this point, GTA V still manages to be one of my favorite open-world games. Everything about it feels just right - writing, gameplay, presentation. Having three different protagonists to control was definitely the right call, gives the game time to present the different areas and inhabitants of LS. Even on a PS4, visually it's still great. Getting a little bit dated, but I think it'll hold up for a little while longer. The missions can have you do the same shit over and over again, but there's always something to add much needed challenge or variety to it. I still really dislike the helicopter flying in this game though.
GTA V was just as much fun as I remembered playing on release in 2013. The world is stlil phenominal, providing constant verticality and the main story & side misisons were still fun and hectic. Since this was a replay I wanted to change things up and played the entire run in first person mode. I hope they carry this over to GTA VI because I really enjoyed it!
Pretty good, probably my favorite GTA game. Great open world and the protagonists and their interaction are really and really funny too. Really impressive for a game that ran on 2006 hardware in its original form. The quests are varied but some of them are really bad. I really dislike the ones with helicopters/planes but the heists are the best ones for sure and I hope it returns in GTA6. Good selections of music for the radio stations also, for me as good as Vice City. 7/10
Franklin should've been the sole protagonist. The open world/map is unmatched in gaming. Hopefully VI expands on this but makes it feel better to play in said world.
I am completely and totally shocked that a video game everyone said was one of the best ever made is, in the end, a complete and total amazing trip.