Final Fantasy IX
Date:Q2 2020


First time through, Fantastic world & combat. The Ability system is very deep and made me think in new ways. While not all the chararcters are great, the overal story and support to each one is deep enough to want to see their conclusions.
My 4th time through the game and still every bit as good as the 1st time I played it on PS1. One of the things I really enjoy in this game is having Vivi cast a spell on Steiner's sword. There are so many better ways to maximize damage in the game, but that animation never gets old. Also we need more moogles in Final Fantasy games. Stiltzkin always brings a smile to my face when he is on his travels of the world.
Great aesthetics, characters, and world building. What the story does with its story and the characters development wise is usually not so nice, however. The game feels like it falls off a cliff at the end of disc 2 in terms of pacing and it never recovers. One of my least fave soundtracks in the series from what I've played.
FF9 is a game I've always loved since its release and I have played through it several times. The characters, the art style and the music are all top notch and all help to create an awesome atmosphere that sort of reminds me of a fairy tale. The endgame feels a little disjointed, but overall it's a great experience.