Death Stranding
Date:Jul 2021


Gameplay was great enough to cover for a mediocre story
Lovely and serene gameplay/atmosphere. The story has good character moments, but Kojima unfortunately decided to focus more on the sci-fi aspects of the story rather than these characters. Ultimately, the story did not stick the landing the way you'd want a Kojima game to do.
The core gameplay is excellent, and the camp is mostly good. They should have cut hours off the final chapters, though. Ultimately, I think it’s actually a strangely straightforward game. It doesn't do very well when it comes to mystery - the thematic cards are on the table from the start, and they're very overt. But the game that you actually play is very enjoyable. The asynchronous multiplayer, the movement, the building, the wayfinding, all great.
Probably the most stimulating any AAA game has been or will be in who knows how long. Having said that, I wasn't completely enthused with this and it suffered from overcomplication in both gameplay systems/moving parts and the narrative itself. The story completely dropping out for what felt like most of the game only to slam you with hours of stuff at the end tanked my playthrough. Glad to have experienced it for sure but I don't think this is something i'll ever replay or bother with a sequel for.