Cthulhu Saves Christmas
Date:Dec 2021


Very funny and beautiful RPG in the retrostyle. Amazing story with fun characters and an interesting take on the random encounters.
The turn-based PRG gameplay is nothing special, but the superb sense of humour throughout and short run-time ensures that the game is an enjoyable experience overall.
Enjoyable as a festive thing but the gameplay left a ton to be desired for me. Stuff like the leveling progression, equipment, and other variable elements felt borderline useless due to how everything scales as the game progressed. I iked the dialogue in the free time portions a lot.
It has cool ideas, and it breaks 4th wall in a fun way. Repetetiveness towards the end however can be quite boring for majority of the players. Outside of that, not being able to see "ailment HP" and the vaguenessness of the overall combat can be quite challenging and tiresome at times.
This strikes me as a Zeboyd game for Zeboyd fans. There are regular references to their other games in the writing, art, and combat system. It seems almost more like a stopgap in between Cosmic Star Heroine and their next, more ambitious project. But that doesn't mean that this one isn't fun! As usual, I appreciate how Zeboyd's attention to difficulty levels and systems. While those systems work better with the big cast of CSH, this is still an enjoyable holiday RPG romp.