Date:June 2021


3.5/5 stars if I could. Reminds me a ton of Wind Waker. Puzzles get a lot more better in second half of the game
Carto more like Farto ayyyyyyyyyyy no this was fun, cute and relaxing. I'm glad I played it and I probably would have never played it without gameclub.
An incredibly charming adventure puzzler type thing. Most of any of the difficulty that cropped up came as a result of some pieces looking similar to each other moreso than any increasing complexity but it was never too big of an issue. Probably the cutest new to me game I've played in 2021 so far.
Cute puzzle game, the puzzles themselves aren't very hard. At 3 hours for a full story, it's a worthwhile play
Cute aesthetic and charming writing aside, this did nothing for me. When it wasn't frustrating me with puzzles that were sometimes either too vague or made no sense, it was boring me. I do think that some of the puzzles had creative solutions, but the main gimmick of the game got old quick. A shame, because I genuinely loved how cozy the game felt.
A pretty fun puzzle game with gorgeous visuals, and cute characters. I'm really bad at puzzle games, and the more later puzzles were pretty tough imo. Still, had a good time with it
Solid little puzzler. Visually very pleasing. Midpart a bit boring, other areas fine. Easy to understand but still challenging at some points. Also, good chararacter design of the NPCs you meet along the way.
Cute and charming little puzzle game. Map building mechanic was explored more than I expected. Clues felt a little too vague, sometimes. Pretty short so definitely worth a shot.
Charming lil' game that I had hoped to enjoy more than I actually did. Puzzle design felt more cumbersome than creative for me
With an hour to spare! Unique charming game. there was a few sections I was pretty baffled and the game can be obtuse with what you are even supposed to do at times, but when it works , its very enjoyable and does not overstay its welcome
Adorable, charming, and clever. Rarely too obtuse. Good puzzle game!