Baldur's Gate
Date:Q1 2020


First CRPG I have ever played, now my backlog for that genre is 10+ games. The main campaign takes you on an adventure that actually feels like one. Side quest are also fleshed out and lead to some of the best content in the game
Loved going into new unexplored areas and finding new quests, companions, treasure, etc. The combat was ok and the story wasn't bad, but not great either. With that said I can't wait to playthe expansion and sequel.
I like how the story is pretty grounded, instead of just another save the world tale. The party i chose was good combat wise but very lacking in the characterization department. I had a very silent quest lol. Though the RTwP combat is really not my thing, i just love exploring in infinity engine games. The attention to visual detail in this world is so good.
My first exposure with both D&D and CRPGs. As a result I played on the story difficulty so I could enjoy the characters, story, and settings. I liked this quite a bit. I'm not a huge fan of high fantasy type things but this did pretty okay. Minsc is the love of my life.
Was hesitant to even bother playing it since the plot got ruined for me years and years ago, but ultimately I'm a little sad that I slept on this game for 20 years. All flaws aside I give it a 4 out of 5 for the amazing work that Beamdog put into making sure that this beloved game is preserved on current gen consoles.