A Hat in Time
Date:July 2021


Amateur aesthetic aside, A Hat in Time is a wonderful 3D platformer that just oozes charm and controls like a dream. It is a bit on the short side, and chapter 3 is really meh especially when compared to what came before it and after it, but it's still an overall really fun time.
Look up smug hat kid on youtube to feel better trust me
Charming, but very inconsistent.
I enjoyed Chapters 2 & 3 the most. Chapter 4 was kind of a letdown afterwards because of no characters. Not bad overall, darling
This game suffers from uneven design. When the game is good, it is a really good 3d platformer, but when it is not good, its really annoying. Every third level or so seems to be underdesigned. Subcon forest for example felt completely empty. While Mafia Town felt really good to explore.
Loved this game. Chapter 3 was my favorite. Outside of some technical issues (4 crashes) I think it's an easy recommendation to anyone that likes 3D platformers.
102% compelete, including both DLC. Cute indie third person platformer. My main complaint is that while parts have an excellent level of difficulty, failure can be to punishing and requires to much replay. I recommend skipping the hard optional parts if you feel frustrated.
Fun platformer.